Monday, 19 June 2017

More photies

          So there is no problem with getting the photies here via One Drive. I've been told that once One Drive gets full, you have to pay money to get your storage enlarged or your stuff unfrozen, or whatever. Do you actually own anything you stick on the computery thing?

          But it is a nice, very nice day. I live to put almost all the photies I take on this blog, mainly so I can get at them whenever I want. As for real photies on paper, I have no idea how to obtain them. My Auntie Kathy wants a big group photie of the last wedding I was at. God knows how you get something like that from a computer. Well, I don't anyway.

          As someone with all the time in the world to waste, I cannot wait until I have this little problem to solve. What joy I will have footering around the internet finding out how to solve it! What fucking joy!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Shume Mishtake Shurely!

           So I moved some leeks at the start of the plantings, but they did not seem to be thriving in the new place and, since the weeds there needed tending to, I dug them up and planted a few tatties there. But then I had a wee look at the "leeks" and discovered it was garlic. I'm not much of a gardener, am I?

            Not much use with the machines  either. I had to go to Homebase for a grass cutter since mine had somehow "lost" its powerpack. So I assembled it last night and took the new grass cutter up to the allotment this morning. The guard fell off. If I can't get it to stick on, I'll probably cut my leg off at some point.

            I spend three days at the start of the week trying to meditate as much as I can. Today, though I felt quite crabbit when I wasn't meditating .... well, they'd leapt forward again. At the start of the second session today .... well, it feels like you're in a different head space again. God knows where it will go, but all my plans are simple. Forward, forward!!


Monday, 12 June 2017


          Well, I had the usual problems uploading the photies, but I have managed. I went up for a quick visit this evening, really just to take some photies since I thought the problem was solved. Well, maybe it is.

           After the usual party time weekend, I'm looking forward to a few days of allotmenteering and meditating, particularly the latter. Strangely enough, my meditation schedule has been crap for some time. Odd when the results are really showing up these days.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

More allotment photies.

          I took the allotment photies yesterday, but once again the machine could not find the phone. Tonight I disconnected the mouse, which I usually use, and the machine found the phone straight away. One reason I hate the machines is that solving problems ... well, it's a bit lateral for me!!

         Very pleased with my plot development work for the new/old thriller. It really is coming along very nicely. Whether it is worth writing .... depends if  I can justify the time. I probably could if I gave up drinking completely. Then I'd have enough time for anything. The last time I stopped for six years (earlier in the year) and I started again when I found myself in a social situation where people were drinking and I wasn't all that comfortable in being there. It's always worse when you're not drinking.

          Somebody has bought  In the Land of the Demon Masters. This is not a frequent occurrence, which is a shame since I know kids loved it when was still working as a school librarian.

          Just finished watching the ex-FBI boss giving testimony to the Senate committee. America has a really good system. The FBI will get Trump if he's get-able.

          Despite all my bad behaviours, the juju keeps developing. So I was told my channels are "open". Well, that's not right since they are still "opening". If you think meditating is sitting there focusing on the matric sounds or whatever, and hoping maybe to feel a little less stressful ... well, it might have been like that at the very beginning, but not for a long time.

           There seems to be a fundamental change developing. No one else knows or is even particularly interested. It's just happening to me. Very hard to describe at all and impossible for anyone without extensive meditational experience to understand at all. I don't understand it myself.

           Of course, you can always get totally funged up doing this stuff, especially if you are doing it without proper knowledge or supervision, but it hasn't hurt me yet. I don't think it will. What I really need to do is get into doing four one and a half hour sessions a day. Must, must, must ....

           There's an election today. I assume the Tories will get an overall majority of fifty or so anyway. I assume the SNP will win at least forty out of the fifty nine Scottish seats. We deserve a second referendum in that case. We will not get one because a Tory government would lose it. So while the effects of Brexit feed through ... I assume a couple of million more on the dole, etc. ... and the Tory government refuse to give us our democratic entitlement .... this is not good at all. There will be trouble. Or troubles. Ever since David Cameron got an overall majority in 2015, there has been nothing but clusterfuck.


Monday, 5 June 2017

Glory on Earth and all that jazz.

          Since I joined this One Drive thing on the laptop, it seems the problem with loading photies has gone away. I've no idea what One Drive is, of course, but being able to post photies here will make me pay more attention to this blog. If this was an anonymous blog, I could write about more interesting lifestyle events, but .... well, I need somewhere to put photies since it's the only good reason I have for carrying a mobile phone about.

          I have a companion to accompany me to the theatre these days and we went to see Glory on Earth on Saturday night. I thought I should write something about it since I've just read a moody review. Well, we really enjoyed it. My friend liked the costumes and the setting, which tends to go over my head, but I thoroughly enjoyed the acting and it was great to see a new play done in the Lyceum with a new writer, at least to me. And the writing was good! I'm not a huge fan on historical dramas or anything "based on a true story",  but given the difficulty of re-visiting the Mary Queen of Scots scenario, the writer did a great job shaping this into a drama.

          This show is worth going to just for the performance of  Rona Morison, who played the Queen. She was terrific on Saturday night. I don't think anyone else could have handled the material any better.

          I'll definitely attend all the Lyceum productions with David Greig in charge. It's easy to keep doing productions of Arthur Miller (whom I love!), but to put on new plays .... You've got to have the right to fail. I wish I'd gone to all the productions this year now.

          We went to Cramond this weekend and Rosalin Glen. My favourite eating place these days is the Toby Carvery. Of course, I stopped being a vegetarian over a year ago now.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Flowers from yesterday

           Something great about being in the allotment yesterday. Loved the light. I know if I could just stay there for a long time then everything would be fine. But sometimes I have to walk away because I am not calm or serene enough, but if I just could sit and sit and sit there. And before I die then everything would be wonderful and calm.

After the wedding.

         This might be the end of blogging for me. I don't like writing as a hypocrite. Far too evil middle class being a hypocrit. So I have struggling ever since I went from Windows 8 and now I've joined some One Drive stuff and I tonight cannot once more download some photies. Well, it was only the photies and a place to stash them that I stayed with this. Dukka. Bye bye for tonight anyways. Maybe tomorrow it will all become clear why the thing I could work disappeared. I hope it doesn't.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Just back from La Belle France!!

           My nephew Neil got married on Saturday in La Ciotat. What an absolutely brilliant weekend!!

           I'm becoming a right Francophile. He got married in the town hall. Above the door in large letters it says: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. We do not have that in this country. We have God Save The Queen and we are not citizens. We are subjects.

          The laptop as usual couldn't find the phone. I joined something called One Drive. No idea what that means, but it allowed me to download the photies from the weekend. Fortunately, Basia Watters was taking proper photies, which I will see sometime.

           Strangely, despite the wedding, I had a lot more time to meditate this weekend than usual since I was on my own.